Beauty is Spiritual

No, beauty isn't superficial, vapid or vain. It is a form of expression. A way to show the world exactly who you are, what you believe, and where you're going in life. Every day, whether I am wearing a full glam look or just sweatpants, I use my time in front of the mirror as a spiritual practice. My beauty counter is my altar and my wardrobe is my sacred space. Stay connected with me here to make your beauty routine magick.

x0 Vella

Yes, you read that right.

Much like my capsule wardrobe, I figured I'd put together a simple Spring capsule makeup bag. I did some research on the best makeup and beauty products for spring (as well as added in some of my own, personal staples), and curated the ultimate spring capsule makeup bag. It has only the essentials you need for spring. Yes, it's meant to be minimalist, but I ensure you can pull off a full glam look with everything inside... (go to blog post)

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